amberunowned:Daddy told me to be wearing lots of makeup when he…


Daddy told me to be wearing lots of makeup when he picked me up. When we got to his place, he stripped me, shoved me to my knees and told me to beg for him to fuck my face. R was grabbing at me and telling me all the things wrong with my body, comparing herself to me. Especially my tits, she made me apologise for having such disappointing small ugly tits. Daddy called her sweetheart and baby and told her she was so good for helping him abuse his failure of a whore, that she’s so pretty, so perfect. I choked and gagged so much, with him fucking my mouth and her pushing my head forward. Every time I did, she’d tell me I wasn’t doing a good enough job and they’d slap me and spit in my face. When they sent me to clean myself up I was so ashamed of my reflection, I wanted everyone to see… Daddy said I should always look this much of a mess.