The #TimeBomb Challenge






Are you the kind of naughty slutty
girl that dreams about the exciting sexual experiences that are on
offer, but never really has the guts to do anything?

Are you a sub that adores the
idea of someone controlling you completely, submitting to them
utterly, but can’t take that final step to fulfilling your fantasies?

Are you a confused newbie unsure
where to start their journey into BDSM?

Well this is the challenge for
you. It’s easy, fun, exciting, and enormously erotic.  

Oh and if you’re in charge of a
cutie, you should be getting her to do this as early as possible. 

you’ll need: 

  • One
    or more colourful thumbdrives/usb sticks.
  • A
    camera/smart phone
  • ID (Driver’s License, Student Card, Passport)
  • Proof of Address
  • 5-10
    minutes of your time
  • (Optional:
    Winrar or similar archive program)

this is how you create something so dangerous, so powerful, so life
changing, that you are a wet sloppy mess just touching it. It’ll
sound scary as you read, it’ll sound impossible and reckless.. but
you’ll enjoy reading it and by the time you get to the end, it’ll be
a nice little mind worm that’ll stay in your fantasies for some time.
Until you do it!


Take a selfie of you holding your ID, passport or driver’s license.
Make sure its a close up of your face, the ID in clear view. Then
take a photo of just the ID, all details able to be made out.

do the same with your proof of address.


Create a simple text document and put down these details; Full Name,
Date of Birth, Address, Contact details of yourself and place of
work, and the link to your Facebook profile. This part is important.
Any social media presence… add it.

this point, you’re probably trembling knowing this thing even exists.
Why not add passwords to your emails? Fuck it. Throw anything else in
that document. Fucking Netflix if you want. You can add a little
paragraph about how you’re a foolish, silly, naughty slut who gets
off to the idea of being owned.

that’s what this exercise is about.


The really heart pounding bit. You’re going to do a very short video,
and in it you’re going to do something you’d never, EVER, want anyone
to see. Something shameful, humiliating, degrading, embarrassing,

could be admitting you have rape fantasies. It could be admitting
that even though you’re a lesbian, you fantasise about being
reconditioned to fuck men
. It could be that you want to become a
complete slave, be pissed on, and bred. Incest fantasies, be they
about real family members or not. If you’re trans or on your way to
being – you could have yourself dressed
up. Or it could be as vanilla as deep-throating your fingers till you
gag and drool all over yourself
while admitting you’re a stupid
worthless cum-dumpster.

could add whatever things you wanted, true or not. So long as it’s
convincing, and something you’d never want anyone to know.

of course, you make sure your face and therefore your identity is in
full view, and you are vocal, enthusiastic and very, very horny.

I’m a fan of bodywriting.

make sure that video is clear, but a nice small size. Concise, short
but sweet.


all those photos, the text file, and the video together and stick
them either in a folder, or an archive.

of course, stick them on one or more thumb drives. Make sure nothing
is passworded. You can create as many of these as you feel
comfortable with. Perhaps start with two or three?

one on hand, and put the others in a few hiding places. Somewhere
secret people won’t find easily. Obviously these things are dynamite
in the wrong hands!


When you’re still a bit shaky over doing this.. knowing these #TimeBombs exist out in the world.. plug that drive into your computer
and finger yourself to an explosive orgasm just knowing such a thing
exists. Something that can change your life forever, expose you
permanently as a slut, a slave, a wanton desperate needy whore.
Something that could be use to force you into sex work, to blackmail
into further acts of filthy depravity, to be use in every seedy
act of sextortion imaginable.

thing you’ve created is a secret invisible collar that anyone could
find and use on you, at almost any time. It’s VERY unlikely, but it’s
possible. You’ve created a backdoor into your sexuality. A hidden way
to expose you and control you utterly. You ever dreamed about losing
control.. there now exists something in the real world that can make
you do almost anything…


you do with these #TimeBombs is mostly up to you. But to fully
complete the challenge, take the drive you just used to cum
explosively hard, and put it on your keys. A nice bright signal to
anyone and everyone who looks.

safe there, how often have you lost your keys really?

nobody is going to just use a drive on your keys without asking,

you can take it off anytime you like.. nobody KNOWS this thing
exists, what it is.

you’ll get wet thinking of taking one, just ONE, trip outside with it
attached to the zip of your handbag. If you’re a student, take it to
school. Take it to work. Put it in your jeans pocket and remember how
you have an object that can wreck your life right there, pressing
into your cheeks whenever you sit down. If you’re truly daring you’ll
let someone borrow it.

want the danger and the excitement this brings to you everyday.
You’ll wonder what more you can add to the dirty, scary, maliciously
sexy archive
you’ve created. You’ll wonder if that girl with the
bright pink usb drive on her rucksack is carrying a #TimeBomb too.

the best part is, anyone can do this! Doesn’t really matter your
gender, looks, race, age.. it’s an exciting sexy thing to create

you can masturbate to the thought all you like, but keep in mind that
it’s SUPER easy to make one of these. Maybe commit to making one and
only taking it on one trip? Or deleting it after a few days? Perhaps
you’ll just take it on holiday?

keep in mind, friendly tumblr users and strange men are more than
happy to receive your #TimeBombs and use them as they see fit. So if
you’re feeling down and you’ve got one sitting around…

…Tick.. tick… tick.. tick


This cunt just conceived the idea for the single easiest way to be a self destructive, risk taking, powerless, depraved slut that ever existed. I’m getting hard just thinking about the girls who will do this and risk exposure and destruction every day their timebombs exist. I can’t help but imagine the careless sluts who will get caught with one of these (or willingly give them up), and the total loss of control that will result when they do.

By all means, cunts, go through with this. Create a time bomb and send it to a guy like me. I won’t use it against you. Promise.

Holy fucking jesus this makes me wet.
The idea of making a dozen of these, and leaving them places all over town?
I think I need to pick up some flash drives.

First slutty little rapedoll to send her TimeBomb to me gets a prize… only fair.

This. Is. Amazing. Every girl should have these