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WebslutMaker proudly presents another slut who really likes to be exposed as a webslut!!! First of all it was the idea of her cuckold boyfriend to show and expose his own girlfriend publicly but the thought of being exposed on the net makes her probably horny just like him because she finally agreed to become a webslut! So it’s time to expose her for the first time with 4 posts!

Part 1 of 4

About her…

Name: Šárka Šťastná

Age: 20

Birthdate: 03-04-1997

Hometown:  Ústí, Czech Republic

Current town:  Liptál, Czech Republic

Occupation: Waitress in a teashop

Note: Her submissive cuckold bf want people to message him or her  when they see her exposed. Facebook, phone, or Kik. He don’t care.

Email: (they use this email together, but only he speaks english and Šárka only czech !)

About him…

Full name: Rostislav Zgarba, Birthdate: 08.09.1996, Hometown: Liptál, Current town: Liptál, Email address:, Phone number: +420 604 380 084, Kik: Rosticek, Facebook: Rastík Zgarbů, Languages: Czech, English. His Tumblr:

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