iamkaylahentai: ok guys be prepared , it’s go…


ok guys be prepared , it’s gonna be kinda long. So after the first time they raped me , they left me depressed and terrified but they left me with something that i couldn’t understand. the real thing is NOT FUN and even then i still wanted to go back to them and have them do the same but this time , i wanted it much rougher. i had no idea why but i did and jesus christ i fucked up. i messaged him on savage violation because i still had the messages, and i told him if i could stay just ONE night with them again. he told me if i wanted to do it that i has to go somewhere far far away so that they wouldn’t get caught. so they said they would pay for a ticket to alaska so i told him yes, and i specifically told him “hey this time can you be a little gentler? this time your not technically raping me so i won’t struggle as much” and even though i was lying and i actually wanted more, he told me ok. so i told my parents that me and my best friend were gonna go to alaska for a week and they told me ok and i was off. so when i got there , i counted the guys and this time there was 11. they all started to kiss me and i asked “jerry” where i would sleep. (jerry is the name i’m gonna use for privacy reasons) but then he took me upstairs to a empty room and told me i was stupid. so then of course, they grab me and start to strip my clothes. i wasent as scared because i thought it was just gonna be typical rape, but they told me they were gonna kill me and they pulled out knives and even a fucking machete. i panic and i beg and plead and cry and ask them why they are like this and they just laugh and hit me and do all there shit. they rape me and i can’t move essentially and they throw me in the basement. it was so fucking cold it was unreal, all i had was a tiny heater that i would lay with the whole time. i had nothing but a chain on my neck connected to a radiator, they gave me thigh high socks, and 2 dog bowls that they wrote “cunt” and “snuffie” on. they texted my parents posing as me saying that i was gonna spend an extra week there then i was gonna go to wyoming. they said that because they said that it would throw off anyone looking to find my body so of course that put me into a state of panic and chaos. they tortured me in all kinds of ways and it was horrible. they forced a vibrator in me while they put pins through my nipples and using a candle to burn my vagina. they gave me enemas which made me shit like crazy on the floor next to where i slept. they beat me, abused me, and made me just feel like i was in a never ending nightmare. on one of the days (i lost track of time because it felt like forever) they all filled one of the bowls with cum the entire day, so there was a lot of cum in there haha. they forced me to drink it and said if i dropped even one they would cut off my clit. i drank it like a good girl and told me that it was a shame i was gonna die. so all in all they raped me in ways i dident think possible and broke me. the dicks were all so big and they scrambled my insides up very bad . my whole body was bruised like crazy and my asshole and vagina were hurting so much that i begged for them to kill me . they completely destroyed my mind forever and i’m never gonna be the same. i have a hard time walking and it’s super hard for me to even get wet anymore . i spent 2 weeks laying on a card marble floor with cum, blood, vomit, piss, shit, and even bugs all over the ground right next to where i slept. they cleaned me once after the third day so the whole time i was just covered in dry cum and vomit. my hair smelled like straight piss and it was awful. i probably cried an ocean 😂 the cum was so crusty as well and when i was super hungry i would literally eat the flakes, that’s how BAD the abuse was. but the last day they said they had fun and as a goodbye they wanted to me suck there cocks one more time. after i did jerry said to me “we like you and don’t run because we will find you and hunt you down whore” and so then i went home after showering , and went into a state of shock and depression. so yeah that’s the story. it was awful and wish it on no one . but i still want it again for some reason . there is something very wrong with me and they told me they would be back so i’m scared. hope you guys jack off great to me suffering and wanting to die . also if you guys want a follow up on some of the more sexual details( cause i’m kinda a porn blog haha) then let me know ! thanks guys for being here for me i love y’all!