How I Became a Gook (short edition)

Many of you ask when I knew I was a gook that only service white cocks that can use my gooky holes. It all started when I was 14 when I moved from Singapore since the age of 12.

My 28 year old white neighbor wanted to hire someone to clean his house during the weekend and parents agreed. I cought him watching porn and he introduced me to it, saying it’s normal and I wanted to try. He wasn’t my 1st sexual experience, but the biggest and more dominant. I would find myself going back during the weekdays after school while my parents are still at work and he’ll introduced more porn and started making me follow orders and tasks while I’m with him or out. I would get paid to clean and I would start to wear outfits he would provide and I gladly wear them. and we would start our sessions.

Afterwards he introduced gangbangs and his friends, I would agree and I slowly become a gook that only white men would use as they kept making statements for me to repeat. This kept happening till I was 18 and I was already brainwashed to only allow white cocks in me. he’ll introduced me to other races but it didn’t make me as happy as a white cock could.

Unfortunately my neighbor moved after I was 18 and I was a worthless gook searching for a white cock to make me feel worth. I went on a fucking spread with a lot of guys I knew and became a cum dumpster for them to use.

So Sir I that’s how I became a gook for White men