dummy update 💕

so some of you might’ve noticed that I’m getting ditzier by the day (duh) and I thought I’d make a post about some of the stuff that has changed lately:

– people treat me way different than they used to! Like, they were always nice to me but now I often get that “aww honey“ thingy where they take extra time to explain things and treat me like a kid but also make more of an effort to be really sweet. I like it!

– i ask for help more. I used to be the kind of person that just googled if i didn’t know how to do something and I usually figured it out on my own – now I mostly just ask someone who already knows for help

– I abandon thoughts. Like, often I’ll try to think about something more complicated but then i get this overwhelmed feeling and frown and just pull the breaks on my brain and stop the thought. Then I go “phew!” & do something else.

-the one that kinda worries me is writing. I taught myself how to read & write at a pretty young age and I never ever misspelled words in german or English but now I really really rely on autocorrect to fix the messes I make. Like, for a while I thought it’d be fun to turn it off but I’d need like 1 hour for a text message and it would be impossible to read or understand so no thank u! It does worry me a bit cuz not making mistakes when writing is something that was always super important to me and like misspelled words bug me so I try to use smaller easier ones more.

-probably lots more but my brain is like “🚨🚨🚨🚨 stopppp thinkingggggg”