I <3 inequality

One of my many kinks is pretty, young women whoring themselves to fat, old men.  It tickles the same part of my brain as watching her fuck a dog, lick semen from the floor, or drink a smoothie out of her own asshole, but somehow it is a little different, too.  With this, it how unequal they are.  These are photos of people having fun with sex-objects.  People, both him and viewers of both sexes, expect a sex-object to be close to an ideal:

  • young
  • pretty
  • in good shape
  • do all the work
  • show her face so there is permanent proof of what she is – the object is public property
  • any clothing must display and accentuate her sexuality
  • shaved smooth
  • wearing make-up

And him?  He must  be:

  • a person.  

Any person. 

  • He can be a fat, unshaven, hairy, out-of-shape slob;

 – as a person, we accept his imperfections.

  • Men’s clothing is not designed to put their sexuality on display.
  • Men can keep their faces off-camera or wear a mask – everyone understands that a person’s reputations might be important to him and so naturally men have a right to privacy.  
  • A man’s value does not peak in his late teens or early 20s
  • And it taken as a basic truth that even fat and old men can sit back and have a close-to-ideal young object do all the work.  Because that is what an object is for.  A man has needs and a woman has uses.

I do not for a moment pretend that this is in the least bit fair.  But it makes my world a happy place.